From one Restaurateur to another

So, you’ve got a lovely restaurant serving some amazing food and providing excellent service. You’ve promoted your restaurant in every way you can think of. But your restaurant still hasn’t seen a full house in quite a while now? So..what am I doing wrong, you ask? Partnering with the wrong people might be the problem.

Did you know that Hopsticks was created by a Restaurateur (who also happens to be a tech guy) for his fellow Restaurateurs? The harsh reality is that all other apps out there, just look at our restaurants as cash cows and eat away all our hard-earned profits. But at Hopsticks, we have first-hand experience of what it takes to own and run a successful restaurant and the hardships we go through to stay afloat.

With every other app trying to take diners away from our restaurants and converting them to eat-at-home customers, Hopsticks strives to do the single most important thing for the success of any restaurant - increase dine-ins! Increasing restaurant dine-ins is the single most important objective for all of us here at Hopsticks, because we know that it’s the best recipe for success.

Own your Customers

Hopsticks is all about building long lasting relationships with your customers. When a customer walks into your restaurant, you are immediately notified of who they are, how many times they’ve visited your restaurant, their food preferences and tastes etc. which helps you give them a very personalized experience. And not just that, the customer details are automatically added to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database so you always have access to your customers and can communicate with them. This in turn keeps them coming back to your restaurant and before you know it, you’ve built a loyal customer base! Happy Customers equals happy you!

Understand your Customers

Hopsticks presents you with deep analytics about your customer profile, demographics, revenue , your top performing dishes and more. These insights not only help you focus your marketing efforts which then translates to more customers, but also helps you retain them and engage with them in more meaningful ways than before.

Play your Strengths

If you’ve got some amazing food on your menu, then we’ll give you the chance to flaunt them! Hopsticks helps you showcase your star dishes to potential customers so they don’t end up picking the wrong dish on your menu. We understand the effort, love and passion that goes into the food you make and would like nothing more than to see hungry diners devour them!

Know your Top Performers

Hopsticks allows your customers to rate and review every single dish on your menu. This will give you a clear idea on which of your dishes work and which don’t, thereby allowing you to tweak your dishes and prices accordingly. In Hopsticks, a Restaurant is only as good as its dishes - quite literally!

Dynamic Digital Menu

Want to do pricing experiments on your menu without fearing the consequences? We know that this can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. Hopsticks’s Dynamic Digital Menu gives you the flexibility to experiment with different price points and make revisions as and when you need to. And the best part, is that these revisions reflect on the customers app almost immediately! Printed menus will soon be a thing of the past!

Customer Acquisition Sorted

You want Diners? We’ve got you covered!

Ask any Restaurateur and they will tell that traditional marketing channels are always a shot in the dark with no defined ROI (Return on Investment). Flyers? Radio Ads? Social Media Marketing? Online Ads? Ever wondered if they really translate to business? Fed up of paying for clicks and views without any guarantee on conversion? Still shelling out your hard-earned money when people visit your page or click on your ads? We all know none of this really works until they can prove they got you a customer to dine-in at your place.

With Hopsticks you pay ONLY when a customer walks in and dines at your restaurant. Our patent pending Pay Per Visit model shows (and gives you proof) that we indeed send you customers and you are charged only when a Hopsticks user dines at your restaurant. How’s that for a real and measurable ROI?

So, take a leap of faith and join hands with us. Let’s stop selling our souls and work together to make dining GREAT again!